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Can I leave Turkey while waiting for my Turkish residence permit

Turkish residence permit

It is generally not recommended to leave Turkey while your turkish residence permit application is being processed, as it can result in your application being cancelled.

According to the latest information from the Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management, applicants for a short-term residence permit are required to remain in Turkey during the application process. If an applicant leaves Turkey before the permit is issued, their application will be cancelled, and they will have to start the application process over again.

What are the exceptions?

For applicants of long-term residence permits, they may be able to leave Turkey while their application is being processed, but only if they have applied for a specific type of long-term residence permit that allows for multiple entries and exits from Turkey. If you have applied for this type of permit, you will need to provide proof of your travel plans and have a valid visa or passport to enter the country upon your return. In general, it is important to carefully consider the potential consequences before deciding to leave Turkey while your residence permit application is being processed. It may be best to wait until your permit has been approved and issued before making any travel plans.