How to get a residence permit? All you need to know!

The Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM), a branch of the Ministry of Interior, is responsible for managing migration and enforcing immigration laws in Turkey. How to get a residence permit? All you need to know, continue reading! The DGMM is in charge of processing and approving residence permit applications submitted by foreigners who wish to live and work in Turkey.

The DGMM has offices in many cities across Turkey, and foreigners can apply for a residence permit at one of these offices or online through the e-ikamet system. The application process typically involves providing personal and biographical information, such as passport and travel information, and submitting documents that support the purpose of the residence permit, such as a work contract, university acceptance letter, or proof of financial means.

What should I do after receiving the application?

After receiving the application, the DGMM conducts a background check on the applicant and verifies the information provided in the application and supporting documents. Depending on the type of residence permit, the DGMM may also conduct an interview or request additional documentation from the applicant.

Once the application is approved, the DGMM issues a residence permit card, which includes the type and duration of the permit, as well as the foreigner’s personal information. The residence permit card must be carried by the foreigner at all times while in Turkey.

In addition to processing residence permit applications, the DGMM is also responsible for ensuring compliance with immigration laws and regulations. This includes conducting inspections and investigations to ensure that foreigners are complying with the conditions of their residence permits, such as not working in prohibited occupations or overstaying the duration of the permit.

If a foreigner is found to be in violation of the immigration laws, the DGMM has the authority to revoke or cancel the residence permit and deport the foreigner from Turkey. The DGMM may also impose fines or other penalties for noncompliance.

In conclusion, the Turkish immigration authorities, specifically the DGMM, play a crucial role in processing residence permit applications and ensuring compliance with immigration laws in Turkey. By enforcing these laws, the DGMM helps to maintain a stable and secure environment for both foreigners and Turkish citizens alike.